SFM Digital Business Features

Below you will find an overview of what Digital business features SFM have on offer…

In depth and straight forward educational and training modules to get you started

Providing you with step-by-step straight forward training modules to get you on track to starting up your very own online business. These training modules focus on introducing you to the world of online marketing and the types of skill sets you need to build your online presence and get your online business up and running. At the same time showing you how to access the correct mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Access to a community of people and experienced mentors

The SFM community forum consists of like-minded individuals who have walked in your shoes to learn and build their very own online businesses. They are always there if you need advice or support and help to keep you motivated when you need it most.
Also hearing live from some of SFM’s leading entrepreneurs is not only informative but extremely motivational. These are people that have been very successful by beginning their journey in the same way you are starting yours. It is refreshing to receive support and coaching form others whom have an understanding of what it is like to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Access to your very own system consultant

Having access to your very own personal system consultant ensures that you get the most out of what SFM has to offer. This consultant will speak to you directly about your circumstances and what is going to be the best membership option for you moving forward depending on what it is you wish to achieve through SFM. Whether it be to promote your own products online or become an online affiliate marketer.

An amazing technical support system

For most people (including myself) the thought of starting up an online business is very overwhelming, many individuals have no idea where to start. SFM offers access to an amazing technical support team, whom are always more than happy to help you if you find yourself stuck or unable to understand any of the technical aspects which arise when working online.

Live training webinars and workshops to help you say on track

You will never be short of information and coaching to keep you moving forward, SFM provide you with weekly live training webinars as well as motivational workshops which get you in contact with those who have succeeded in building their own online businesses. These webinars are designed to help you stay focused on the task at hand, whilst still enjoying the journey you are undertaking. 

A wide range of online training & webinars

SFM are constantly updating their training courses in order to offer you the highest value possible. These consists of training courses and webinars from successful mentors and coaches. These can be accessed at your own pace, to build your online skills and to help you to experience a more seamless experience when it comes to using the systems needed to build your own online presence.

You will be invited to live events around the world

SFM hold many events around the world, here you will get to meet the SFM founders as well as many of the successful individuals who have made the mark in the online world through hard work and dedication. There is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by other like-minded individuals you can model, grow and learn from.

Access to the wide range of services you need to create your online presence

SFM has eliminated a lot of the hassle surrounding setting up your online presence by putting together a platform called the Digital Business Lounge. This platform gives you access to the essential tools needed, such as professional looking website options, web hosting, domain names, image and graphic designing programs, advertising campaign tracking and testing software and plenty more. Which puts you in line for an easier, quicker and hassle free experience.


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