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Online business owner & Digital Entrepreneur

Mother of three, living the life of freedom I have always dreamt of

First and foremost I am a mother of three beautiful boys, whom my husband Mark and I are blessed to be sharing our life journey with. We live an adventurous and active lifestyle, spending a lot of time outdoors, I am my happiest when surrounded by nature and my family. We love swimming at the beach, bike riding, picnics, traveling and family camping adventures.

I have been a stay at home mother ever since my first son was born, I am very passionate about being present in my children’s lives and not having to leave them in the care of someone else every day to work a 9-5 job.

I couldn’t bear the thought of having to miss out on all the important things due to work commitments, which is what lead me to starting up my online business. I was looking for some way to ease the financial burden off my husband whilst still being able to be the mother I aspired to be, and providing my family with the lifestyle and freedom we desired. Once I began the search for what it was I could do to create this freedom for our family, an online business seemed to offer an answer. Providing I put in the effort and work required to learn and grow through the training, education and coaching I needed.

Before having my children I worked in a number of different industries and could never really find something that I enjoyed doing; I tired my hand as a hairdressing assistant, washing dishes as a dish ‘pig’ at the local cafe, I looked into becoming a personal trainer, I did a bit of waitressing after completing a hospitality certificate at TAFE,  I then worked for my parents for a fair few years at the liquor store they owned whilst I completed a Management/ Marketing degree at university, which led me to working a 9-5 office job as a Marketing Assistant.

After all of this trial and error I still hadn’t found something that fulfilled me,  I wasn’t working towards achieving the life that I desired.

It took having children and being able to step back and really reassess my life, my values and my passions to realise that everything I was doing was not to fulfil me and work towards my life’s purpose, but instead I was too busy trying to work towards something that I thought I was supposed to do in order to become successful, with a stable job to set myself up with a reliable income so my future looked brighter and my family and friends would be proud of my achievements.

It was once I realised this, I set out to find what it was that made me happy, and I was determined to work out how I could make a life out of doing this and fulfilling my life purpose.

Starting up an online business has given my family and I the freedom to live the slower paced lifestyle we had always dreamt of, whilst also allowing Mark and I to continue being present in our children’s lives. We are no longer tied down due to work commitments and have the freedom to live the life of our choice.

I spend everyday helping others to create their own ultimate lifestyle and start living out their passions. And I have never felt more passionate and fulfilled!

As you can imagine, my home is filled with constant laughter, silliness, never ending action and usually complete and utter chaos, but all of this is always surrounded by unconditional love and absolute bliss. I really do love my role, as mummy and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so unbelievably blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful family, and furthermore that I am able to live the life that allows me to always be a part of it.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” ~ Anthony Robins ~

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Online Entrepreneur, Personal Development Coach, Tugboat Captain

I was born in the working class suburb of Balmain, from here we moved to the NSW Central Coast where my brothers and I grew up in a loving supportive family. One thing that we were not exposed to though, was stepping outside of the status quo when it came to making a living, starting a family and buying a house.

My wife and I started our journey together from a young age, finishing school, going onto further our education, and starting our respective careers. I have been in the Maritime Industry my whole life and I never thought of doing anything else. After achieving my ambition to become a Tugboat Captain, with my wife at home looking after our young sons, we were both happy. Well, we though we were! There was something lacking, Fulfilment. We had been living our life unconsciously, going through the day to day routine and looking forward to our time together away from the long periods of work life.

Pressure to progress further in life had begun to build and I hadn’t ever acknowledged it. I couldn’t see how we were going to achieve our dreams. I had recently changed jobs, moved interstate and was in the process of bringing Tammy and the boys down to our new life. 1 day after arriving with the family, I had a major car accident and ended up in Hospital with 40 stitches in my face and head. Thankfully my eldest son, who was also in the car, wasn’t injured or emotionally affected by this.

I decided I needed to change something, and as it turns out that something was me. I needed to change my mindset, my beliefs and my understanding on what a life of fulfilment is. Which I had never thought of before this accident.

I begun to open my mind to opportunities, first came a course on currency trading which in turn was the catalyst to a life full of changes. This lead me to another income stream which was semi passive, meaning I didn’t have to be actively working to make an income. Following this I was introduced to reading and listening to some amazing books by successful people in many different fields. One field that continued to resonate was Human Potential and Personal Development. I had been living a selfish life stuck in the Status Quo, working, earning, spending. I changed my outlook, my mindset, my beliefs and begun to understand what would give me fulfilment.

As it turns out the next 2 opportunities that presented themselves to my wife and I were to be the game changers. First came SFM, a video about a bloke and his wife and how they too had begun to change their life through building an online business. What an amazing opportunity to take on board, if they could do, along with thousands of other people doing it around the globe, why cant we? This was to become Tammy’s main focus for the proceeding months, working hard to build an online business and learn about the multitude of income opportunities and marketing techniques that were laid out in the course. The second opportunity was to become an integral part to our personal development and also become part of our online business.

To this day these opportunities are working hand in hand and soon we will be able to offer our clients a complete package in building an online business whilst also learning the techniques to achieve anything one desires in their life.

I am so excited about our future and also the opportunity to help people step out of the social norm of 9-5 Monday to Friday, working for someone else, commuting for a large portion of your life and living a life a mediocrity.

Dream big, believe in yourself and be grateful. You will soon have whatever you ask for.

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